About IMS Dhyanabhavan


The blood drenched sands of Punnapra - Vayalar (Alappuzha,Kerala,India) was waiting to be soaked with the nectar of the word of God and to be washed in the Blood of Christ. Back in 1966, the IMS was called in the plan of God to transform the very same land of freedom fighters at Punnapra. The land of backwaters, Aleppey witnessed the rise of an apostolic school at Punnapra in 1996. Started by Fr. Prasad IMS, under the guidance of former IMS Superior General Fr. Shilanath IMS, the school guided children from 8th to 10th grade of education; and the interested ones are send to Varanasi IMS base to became a priest The ‘Venice of the East’ saw the conversion of apostolic school to a minor seminary in mid-70’s. Under the supervision of Indian Missionary Society, the seminary continued its contribution until 1984. God's call gripped Fr.Vinayanand IMS to launch into the unknown waters near the sea shore of Paravoor ,to sow seeds of peace and serenity. By 1984, the seminary got converted to a Catholic Charismatic Centre, aiming at renewing and refreshing human minds with a perspective vision.

The renewal movement has now grown into a multi pronged and power packed spiritual revolution under Fr. Prashant, as it’s director. Now thousands of devotees are experiencing the miracle of healing the broken heart through traditional Indian ways of prayer and meditation, providing by IMS retreat center. Rather than uniting the broken homes, the social revolution we started, has influenced the spiritual and social life of people, enabling them to live in peace and harmony.

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